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    Exporting CDM as BPMN

    Matthew Rawlings Newbie

      When I export the Purchasing example's PurchaseGoods.cdm as BPMN I get two files: PurchaseGoods_PurchaseGoodsProcess.bpmn and PurchaseGoods_PurchaseGoodsProcess.bpmn_diagram


      What format is the BPMN diagram?


      I do not recognize bpmn_diagram as a MIME type file annotation. How do I get to view it?

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          Gary Brown Master

          Hi Matthew


          You need to install the BPMN editor - the easiest way to get this editor is through the JBoss Tools update site, referenced on this page: http://www.jboss.org/tools/download/stable/3_2_GA in the SOA Development category, in the BPMN Feature.


          I don't believe the meta model and diagram format are standard in BPMN1, only the graphical grammer. So not interchangable. This will be addressed in BPMN2 which will hopefully be supported in Savara in the near future.




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            Matthew Rawlings Newbie

            Ah - I didn't try to use Eclipse to view the .bpmn_diagram file. I see now it is associated with an Eclipse viewer. Is this an IANA Internet Media Type, or just an Eclipse-ism?


            Now I can view it. Thanks.



            I get the error message:


            Description          Resource          Path          Location          Type

            The gateway should have a default gate to ensure that at least one gate will be valid at runtime.          PurchaseGoods_PurchaseGoodsProcess.bpmn_diagram          /Clearing          ca:CreditAgency::<Activity>          BPMN Specification


            Why is it necessary to produce this error?

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              Gary Brown Master

              No IANA internet media type, this is just the particular representation used by this Eclipse.org implementation.


              There are a few issues with the current export - one being that occasionally gateways are generated with only a single output, and therefore unnecessary. As this export format is being removed in favour of BPMN2, no additional work has been put into resolving these issues at the moment.