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    How do you pronounce SPR?

    Matthew Rawlings Newbie

      What does SPR, the protocol file extension represent? How should it be pronounced?


      On OSX the file extension associates with "Unix Executable File", on Windows it associates with FoxPro amongst other things. Is this IANA registered as an Internet Media Type?

        • 1. How do you pronounce SPR?
          Gary Brown Master

          Hadn't given any thought to the pronunciation, but finding a suitable and available extension with the wide variety of applications out there can be difficult, and I am not sure 'spr' should actually be the final choice - the spr is a shorterned form of "scribble protocol".


          However really the 'scribble' part is not necessarily relevant - so maybe the extension should revolve more around what it represents, i.e. a protocol.


          Once we have decided on the final extension, then it probably would be a good idea to register it.


          Any thoughts on a good option? Do we need to stick with the traditional three letter extension?