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    Data Entry using rich:tabPanel

    Andi D Newbie

      Hi community,


      I would like to create a guide for data entry into my application. This data entry should be realized using a rich:tabPanel.

      My idea is to create a tab for each entity.

      For example:

      In the first tab I would like to display a list of all projects in the database, and a possibility to create a new project. After selection of a existing project (or creating a new one) the user should be forwarded to the next tab for an other entity.

      In this tab the user can create a new entity or select one entity oput of a list of entities realted to the selected project.

      After this selection step the user is again forwarded to the next tab ... and so on ...


      My Problem is that the rich:tabPanel needs to be surrounded of a h:form. Data entry for one entity requires also a form, but i can not nest forms.

      Do you have an idea to solve this problem?