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    rich:comboBox showList on input click

    kevin 2 Newbie



      I use RichFaces 3.3.3Final and the combobox component.

      I tried to attach the showList method to the onclick event of the combobox in order to open the suggestion list when clicking on the input field.


      I did this:


      <rich:comboBox id="item-combo" value="#{searchForm.selectedItem}" 
        <f:selectItems id="items" value="#{searchForm.availableItems}" />


      Or this, with the same result:


       <rich:componentControl for="item-combo" attachTo="item-combo" operation="showList" event="onclick"/>

      But, this also attach to the combobox "button", so when I click on the button it does nothing instead of opening the list...


      Could anyone help me to resolve this please ?