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    Sending Notification from MBeans POJO

    Brian Silberbauer Newbie

      Is it possible to send a JMX notification from a POJO annotated with Service/Management only?


      I've tried various different ways, but nothing seems to work. I can get to a stage where via jvisualvm I can subscribe to the MBean, but the notifications are not being 'caught'.


      It seems the client is not being added to the Broadcaster??


      I'm not recieving any errors..


      @Service(objectName = "com.example:type=test,name=jbossjmxtester")
      public class Tester extends ServiceMBeanSupport implements TesterI {
          public void somethingHappened() {
              System.out.println("send notification");
              Notification notification = 
            new Notification("com.example", this, nextNotificationSequenceNumber());//, "test notification");



      interface TesterI {
          public void somethingHappened();


      I've been trawling through the forums, but can't find anything on this. Has anybody else had this problem before?


      Should I remove the annotations and use the xml configuration rather? (would not be nice)


      I am testing this on jboss-4.2.3.GA


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