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    <rich:dropTarget>'s dropListener is never fired...

    Paweł Ryszawa Newbie



      I developed a piece of xhtml like this:



      <h:form id="rootForm">
      <rich:dragIndicator id="ind007" draggingClass="dragging007" acceptClass="accept007" rejectClass="reject007">TEST</rich:dragIndicator>
      <a4j:outputPanel id="opane007" layout="block" ajaxRendered="true">
        <h:outputText value="*** TEST ***" />
        <rich:dragSource dragValue="#{projManager.hashCode}" type="dndtTEST" dragIndicator="ind007" />
      <a4j:outputPanel id="opaneTrash" layout="block" ajaxRendered="true">
        <h:graphicImage url="/resources/images/kosz.gif" />
        <rich:dropTarget id="dropt007" acceptedTypes="dndtTEST" dropListener="#{projManager.lstnDnDRemoveWNP}" dropValue="#{projManager.hashCode}" />


      with a code behind (within projManager bean of ProjManager class):



      public void lstnDnDRemoveWNP(DropEvent e) {
      Object val = e.getDragValue();
      // TODO


      Dragging & dropping the object in the right area results in sending request to server, but no action is taken (i.e. lstnDnDRemoveWNP is never called). Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug of RF 4.0.0 (snapshot as of Mar 22th  2011)?