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    1.0.0.Alpha5 TestNG and dependsOnGroups no longer working

    Magnus Smith Newbie

      I could do this sort of thing in 1.0.0.Alpha4 to allow me to order tests without using dependOnMethods which did not work in Arquillian


      @Test(groups = {"setup.init"},

          description = "Tests creating super user in application.")

          public void shouldBeAbleToInitialiseSuperUser() throws Exception { }


      @Test(groups = {"setup.create-users"},

          dependsOnGroups = {"setup.init"},

          description = "Tests creating users in glassfish.")

          public void shouldBeAbleToCreateAndLoginUsers() throws Exception {}


      @Test(groups = {"admin-worker.address-create"},

          dependsOnGroups = {"setup.*", "system-admin.find-user"},

          description = "Tests creating new addresses.")

          public void shouldBeAbleToCreateAddress() throws Exception {}


      continues in this manner with over 50 tests that test drive 12 session beans


      When I try running this in 1.0.0.Alpha5 then TestNG only runs the first test and reports that the other tests are dependent upon non-existing groups.


      I'm guessing that the group information is being lost somewhere?


      Again any help greatly appreciated