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    Semantic of <a4j:portlet>?

    Hardy Massen Novice


      the documentation of <a4j:portlet> says:

      "The main component purpose is implementation of possibility to create several instances for the same portlet on one page. "

      Is there beside that main purpose another purpose?

      I'm using jsf-portlet-bridge, which already gives me a unique namespace per portlet-window. Is there any reason why I also should use <a4j:portlet>?

      Regards, LeoLo

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          Alexander Smirnov Master

          In the portals, each portlet instance should has different ID's for HTML components and JavaScript functions/CSS classes. a4j:portlet is NamingContainer implementation, that prepends portlet namespace to all JSF components.
          That component was obsolete because JSR-301 ( portletbridge ) specification requires that feature for a UIViewRoot.