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    Passing parameters between components without backing beans?

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      So, it's the problem:


      In my page I have a rich popup panel and I would set dinamycally its header name:


      <input name="something1" />

      <input name="something2" />

      <input name="something3" />


      <rich:popupPanel id="confirmPane" autosized="true"

                               header="jQuery($('#inputHidden').val())" />



      <rich:jQuery selector="[name]"

                          query="$('#inputHidden').val($(this).attr('name')); #{rich:component('confirmPane')}.show(); "




      <h:inputHidden id="inputHidden" />



      But it doesn't work because the header name is not captured by javascript, but I have the text jQuery($('#inputHidden').val()).

      Probably there is some conceptual error...

      Are  there other techniques for passing parameters without backing beans? I'm thinking to c:set, f:param, a4j:param, are they useful for my scope?