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    extendedDataTable relative column width

    chrisp_s2 Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm not sure whether it's a bug or made with intent, but any relative width setting (e.g. <rich:column width="10%">) for columns is ignored.


      Setting the width of a column via a fixed px amount (e.g. <rich:column width="50px">) works fine.


      Is this "as designed", a missing feature, or a bug?


      (Tested in detail with RichFaces 4.0.M6 and a quick test with 4.0.Final version.)

        • 1. extendedDataTable relative column width
          Ilya Shaikovsky Master




               * @deprecated

               * TODO Remove this method when width in relative units in columns will be implemented.

               * @param column

               * @return width


              private String getColumnWidth(UIComponent column) {

                  String width = (String) column.getAttributes().get("width");

                  if (width == null || width.length() == 0 || width.indexOf("%") != -1) {

                      width = "100px";


                  return width;



          not supported for now.