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    Multiple levels of HierarchicalLoaderRepository3?

    Johan Andrén Newbie

      We are working on a pretty complex system with multiple deployables running on JBoss 4.2.2.


      Among the deployables is an enterprise application with a custom version of hibernate. To make this work we have had to set it up with an isolated classloader scope with java2ParentDelegation=false. We have got multiple esb-services calling EJBs in the enterprise app. The problem is that we have conflicting library versions in the esb-services so we would like to scope those to separate classloader repositories as well, but if we do that they cannot access the EJB-classes from the classloader in the enterprise app - we are forced to use the same repository as for the enterprise app.


      Thinking about this it would be nice if it was possible to set up things like this, letting the ESBs share the classes from the enterprise application but not mixing the ESB libraries:

      Skärmavbild 2011-03-30 kl. 16.54.55.png



      Is it possible to create yet another level of HierarchicalLoaderRepository3 in some way?


      HierarchicalLoaderRepository3 has got a reference to its parent UnifiedLoaderRepository3 and it also extendsUnifiedLoaderRepository3, so at first glance this does not seem impossible. Searching the internet yields no information about if it is possible, we have tried to create a loader-service.xml setting up the loader repository referenced in the deployment descriptor with no success.