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    [a4j:param] bean property setted only after a page refresh

    raid3n Newbie

      Suppose I have html element with an attribute "selectorattr" and on click I want to set a bean property: bean.header. Then I want use bean.header as header text for mine rich popupPanel. The problem is that the #{bean.header} is not setted instantly but only after a refresh of the page.


      Example code:


      <h:inputText selectorattr="something" value="" />


      <rich:popupPanel id="confirmPane"  header="#{bean.header}" />


      <a4j:jsFunction name="myfunction">

                                              <a4j:param name="myparam" assignTo="#{bean.header}"></a4j:param>




                                    <rich:jQuery selector="[selectorattr]" query="myfunction($(this).attr('selectorattr')); #{rich:component('confirmPane')}.show(); "

                                              event="click" />



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          raid3n Newbie

          Solved, I missed the render attribute:


          <a4j:jsFunction name="myfunction" render="confirmPane" oncomplete="#{rich:component('confirmPane').show()">

                <a4j:param name="myparam" assignTo="#{bean.header}" />



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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            Let's finish with that created two samples:


            <table  width="400">



                                          <td><span onmouseover="updateName('Kate')">Kate</span></td>

                                          <td><span onmouseover="jQuery('.headerOut').text('John');#{rich:component('showname')}.show();">John</span></td>


                                <rich:spacer height="10" />



                      <rich:modalPanel id="showname">

                                <f:facet name="header">

                                          <h:outputText value="#{userBean.name}" styleClass="headerOut"/>




                                <a4j:jsFunction name="updateName" reRender="showname" oncomplete="#{rich:component('showname')}.show();">

                                          <a4j:actionparam name="param1" assignTo="#{userBean.name}"          />



            first td  hover performs update and show via ajax.

            second td hover changes the header and showing the panel without any requests.