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    Jboss is sending partial page.


      I have hust migrated my web app from JB1.4 + JDK4 to JB AS v 5.0.1GA with JDF 1.6.


      This app works perfectly fine on the older version, but i am getting one issue with couple of jsp's.


      Issue: some of the jsp's where thr is a huge data, partial page is getting on the browser. When I do a view source of the pgae, I can see that page ended in between.


      This page is small, it has a table that is displaying data 100 rows 4 colums. And on the bottom thr is a html:select tag which brings 650 records (i knopw its crazy,b ut users want it).


      So my last line on view source is something like this.


      <option value="080">080                            - CHARLE SCHWB</option>

      <option value="007">007


      And its not like that screen is ending here, randomly it can stop before also, or after few more line also. (around 100 elements comes)


      I have tried following things :


      1) changing encoding to utf-8

      2) increasing buffer size of jsp to 200kb and i tried with 500kb as well, but no difference.

      3) No exception on the server log.

      4) I tried using following code instead of html:select

      On server console i can see count is printing till 650, which is a correct size of a list. but still on UI less data is coming. Which makes me think that complete HTML is getting generated on server, but somehow server is not sending complete content to browser.


                    ListCarrtBrokerList = (List)request.getAttribute("CarrtBrokerList");

                    if (CarrtBrokerList != null &&!CarrtBrokerList.isEmpty()) {

                           out.println("<selectname=\"cartBrokerCode\" class=\"enabledtext\"><optionvalue=\"\" selected=\"selected\"></option>");

                          int myCounter=1;

                           for (Iterator iterator =CarrtBrokerList.iterator(); iterator



                                         BrokerLinkelement = (BrokerLink) iterator.next();













      Let me know how to resolve, or some direction.