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    Changes in the ModeShape JIRA

    Randall Hauch Master

      We've recently made a few changes to the ModeShape JIRA to better work with our use of GitHub pull-requests. Now, there are two additional statuses that an issue can be in. The basic workflow is as follows:


      1. A new JIRA issue is created, resulting in an "Open" status.
      2. A developer working the issue on a topic branch commits a change locally, and pushes their branch into their fork on GitHub. Using GitHub.com, the user creates a pull-request for their changes. (BTW, recent GitHub changes automagically populate the pull-request description with the commit comment. Nice!)
      3. The developer uses the "Workflow" button on the JIRA issue (see Figure 1), clicks on "Link Pull Request", and pastes the URL to the pull-request in the form (see Figure 2). At this point, the issue is transitioned to the "Sent Pull-Request" status. The "Workflow" menu items change at this point to be "Update Pull Request" and "Pull Request Closed".
      4. The developer can update the pull-request by either pushing their new commits on the same branch to their fork, or pushing commits on a new topic branch to their fork. After this, they can choose the "Update Pull-Request" option from the "Workflow" menu on the JIRA issue (see Figure 3).
      5. When an integration manager reviews the pull-request and agrees to merge the changes into the official repository, they can use the "Pull-Request Closed" option from the "Workflow" menu on the JIRA issue. This will transition the issue into the "Done" status.
      6. At this point, the issue can be closed or, if needed, reopened.


      This new workflow allows us to identify those issues that have a status of "Sent Pull-Request", meaning they are waiting for review, approval and merging into the official repository.


      Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 3.21.21 PM.png

      Figure 1: "Link Pull Request" is now an option in the JIRA "Workflow" menu


      Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 3.22.18 PM.png


      Figure 2: The "Link Pull Request" form for entering a comment and the URL to the GitHub pull-request




      Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 3.25.54 PM.png


      Figure 3: "Update Pull Request" and "Pull Request Closed" options in the JIRA "Workflow" menu