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    anybody encounter this which drive me crazy?

    yilin chai Newbie

      i am doing the TemperatureConverterTest exmaple these days(actually it dose not matter which example). i config the latest version dependency in pom.

      2-04-2011 10-45-12 AM.png

      in the eclipse, the maven>maven test is completely ok. but i want to try the "junit style" in eclipse (and even further i want to try the remote debug , this is quite important). so right click the TemperatureConverterTest >run as(or debug as)>junit test, i always got:

      2-04-2011 10-42-54 AM.png

      and i tried http://community.jboss.org/thread/162340 trick, it does not work for me.


      i have no idea what is going on. any one can help me? urgent!!!