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    'launcher' Jar for 6.0.0.Final Embedded?

    Joshua Davis Expert

      I had some more time to experment with the embedded stuff.   It seems to run fine under Sure Fire, but:


      1. When I run the unit tests in my IDE (IntelliJ IDEA) on Windows, the test JVM doesn't even start because the classpath from jboss-as-depchain's transitive dependencies is too long for the command line.
      2. When I run the tests in the IDE on Linux, the embedded AS starts to boot, but fails... presumably because I don't have the 'extra classpath' stuff in there.


      Maybe it would be better if I used the 'launcher jar' from the minimal cp example?   That might reduce the number of dependencies if it's a jar-with-depencencies, as it seems to be.   Also, is there any nice way I can stick the 'extra classpath' stuff in my IDE?