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    lastest version?


      Hi, I noticed that Hibernate is depending now on 3.12.1.GA, while JBoss7 seems to be built with javassist-3.14.0-GA.jar according to this log: https://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/JBoss%20AS/job/JBoss-AS-7.0.x-TattleTale/17/console 


      I couldn't find the 3.14 on Maven repositories, the latest version in "downloads" in the project area seems to be 3.11

      (looking at http://www.jboss.org/javassist/downloads )


      When looking on JIRA, it looks like the last version was "3.14.0.GA" (using .GA instead of -GA as in the logs above).


      I'm a bit confused, could you please update some references about what other projects should use?


      Thank you, Sanne