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    Arquillian Sip Servlet - Ear support ?

    Sri Narayanan Newbie

      Does arquillian support testing of a converged sip application like in which the the EAR contians a sip war,some ejb , some web services all packages as an EAR . As of now the documentation doesnt talk about sip servlets .

        • 1. Arquillian Sip Servlet - Ear support ?
          Aslak Knutsen Master

          If there is something on the supported container that can handle the SIP war, I don't see why not.


          Next release will have Mobicents support, but you should beable to use e.g. the JBoss AS 5 Remote Container today and point it to a Mobicents server.


          We don't have any special injection/helpers around SIP yet tho. If you have any ideas to how we can improve this, please comment.