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    Function Arguments

    Guy Moas Newbie



      I would like to pass valus from paramters to my arguments function from the DSL




      [when]Eligible is valid = eval(isEligible(10,22 ))[then]client.setEligibility(true)


      Expected:passing variables instead of the actual values




      The actual function:


      function boolean isEligible(int service,int age) {

      if(service>f_service and age >f_age)

        return true;


        return false;



      Thank you



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          Lance Leverich Newbie

          Just to clarify your question, are you wanting to have values in the function definition as variables?  Or do you want the values in the function call to be variables?  If you want the variables to be in the function call then it should be something like this...


          [when]Eligible is valid when service is {service_value} and age is {age_value} = eval(isEligible({service_value},{age_value}))