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    rich:tab ajax behaviour

    Adi Katz Novice



      I am having difficuties understanding the intended beahviour of tabbed panel with Ajax. Will appreciate if someone in the "know" can answer my questions.

      1) What the "ajaxSingle" parameter in rich:tab  should do ? when i set it to true my tabs will not switch anymore ( view is stuck on the initial selected tab )

      2) All the components i have inside the tabs are ajax supported, which means that at the point when the user click on another tab i do not need to submit or process any values. I just need to render the view of the newly selected tab. Is there a way to stop the browser from submitting all values of components inside a tab ? and more importnatly, how can I avoid processing them on the server ?




        • 1. rich:tab ajax behaviour
          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          1) looks just as issue. it should not be used as ajaxSingle tab has no sence. tabPanel will not be switched if will not be decoded and so on.


          2) you could add immediate=true to tabs.. But not sure about how it will work(not checked locally I mean).. actually according to the request processing workflow tab has to process(decode/validate/update) current tab before switch to other and then render the new one.