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    Git Workflow Update

    Keith Babo Master

      The JBoss community team has added a new workflow step to the SwitchYard JIRA to provide a notification that a pull request has been created for an issue.  Up until now, we have been marking issue as resolved to indicate a pull request, which has worked well.  We should now switch to a slightly different process:


      1) Submit pull request through Git.

      2) Update JIRA issue to indicate that a pull request has been issued.

      3) Someone processes pull request and marks JIRA as resolved.

      4) JIRA is marked closed.


      Step #4 can happen at a couple different times.  At this stage, I wll probably just cycle through the JIRAs each Monday morning to see what has been resolved and mark it as closed.  Eventually, we will probably incorporate this into a specific stage of the release (e.g. verification by QE, consent of submitter, etc.).


      Please use the above process for this week.  After we get some experience with the new Git support in JIRA, we can decide whether it's worth adding the extra step.