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    Having trouble integrating envers in JBoss-6.0.0.Final

    sanfran0201 Newbie

      I am at a loss of (1) which jar to use and (2) whether to replace an existing jar or drop a new jar.


      JBoss-6.0.0.Final contains hibernate-core.jar (version 3.6.0.GA) This jar does not contain org.hibernate.envers. I downloaded hibernate-distribution-3.6.0.Final-dist.tar.gz from http://sourceforge.net/projects/hibernate/files/hibernate3/3.6.0.Final/hibernate-distribution-3.6.0.Final-dist.tar.gz/download .  hibernate-distribution-3.6.0.Final-dist.tar.gz's hibernate3.jar does not exactly match jboss6's hibernate-core.jar where org.hibernate.ejb package is 'missing' in hibernate-core.jar but fully populated in hibernate-distribution-3.6.0.Final-dist.tar.gz's hibernate3.jar. Other than that, everything seems to be the same. Consequently, it doesn't seem that I can replace jboss6's hibernate-core.jar with hibernate3.jar.


      Then I took the other route of NOT replacing jboss6's hibernate-core.jar but dropping a new jar for envers. I downloaded the latest version, envers-1.2.2.ga-hibernate-3.3.jar, from http://www.jboss.org/envers/downloads, the 1.2.2.GA release. When I performed a file-by-file comparison between envers-1.2.2.GA class files vs the package org.hibernate.envers in hibernate-distribution-3.6.0.Final-dist.tar.gz's hibernate3.jar, the two were significantly different (I can post the differences if needed).


      Therefore, I am at a quandary. I can not simply (a) replace hibernate-core.jar with hibernate3.jar, nor can I (b) drop envers-1.2.2.ga-hibernate-3.3.jar into <JBOSS_SERVER>/common/lib


      Any help is appreciated.