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    How to render a row effectively?

    hantsy bai Master

      I used Richfaces 3.3.3.final...


      There is a extendedDataTable in my application...like the email client, the unread message should shown as bold style, when user selecte it, render the row as normal style.


      Currently, I have use a4j:support on a "onselectionchange" event to reRender the table. There is a problem I encounter, I set a certain height of the table, and there is a scrollbar displayed if the whole page is filled by max rows. when I select a row on the bottom of the page, I must scroll down the table, and select it. But when table is reRendered, it return the top of the Table. It will make the user a little uncomfortable.


      I have trid to use a rich:columnGroup to wrap all the rich:column, set a id attribute to it, and add the id to the a4j:support reRencer value, but the result page is strange and content is confused and it did not work as I expected.


      Is there is an effective way to reRender the single row?