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    customize tabPanels skin

    Lotfi Mellouk Master

      Hi all;

      I'd like to customize style for tabPanels, I defined css classes for active inactive and disable tab :

      <rich:panel style="border:none;height:600px">
      <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" styleClass="menuTb" inactiveTabClass="myrich-tab-inactive" activeTabClass="myrich-tab-active" disabledTabClass="menuTb-tab-disable">
      <rich:tab label="First" >
       Here is tab #1
      <rich:tab label="Second">
       Here is tab #2
      <rich:tab label="Third" disabled="true">
       Here is tab #3

      it works fine, but, I can't customize style for the header border background image,

      I overided the classe below to turn arround the problem

      .rich-tabhdr-side-border {
      background-image: none !important;

      but, it will be applied for all tabPanels, how can I update this class for each tabPanel ?

      Kind regards.