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    jBossWeb Topology question

    Sergio Bazilio Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      Sory for the dumb question, but i dind't able to find this answer on google =(


      Can i use the jBossWEB , as a forwarder? i mean, create an "presentation layer" with two or more jbossweb, and then these servers will just forward the http request to jboss servers under they, in the topology? (maybe using AJP).


      I mean, can the jbossweb work like something like a mod_jk? If yes, this is better? this scenario have a best performance than mod_jk or mod_cluster??


      Is it possible?


      If yes, can anyone help me with documentation? unfortunately, i was not able to find anything about.


      Many thanks.


      best regards, Sergio.