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    Questions about messages

    everson . Newbie

      On esb documentation and there's some points(2,3) I didn't understand very well.  Anyone have an exemplo about these itens ?



         3.2.  The Message


      To ensure loose coupling of services and develop SOA     applications, it is necessary to:     


         1.Use one-way message exchanges rather than request-response.

         2.Keep the contract definition within the exchanged messages. Try not to define a service interface that exposed back-end implementation choices, because that will make changing the implementation more difficult later.

         3.Use an extensible message structure for the message payload so that changes to it can be versioned over time, for backward compatibility.

         4.Do not develop fine-grained services: this is not a distributed-object paradigm, which can lead to brittle applications.


      Before I read it I would do it (define a service interface that exposed back-end implementation choices). So, how can I do on the right way ?

      And about item 3, I really don't understand what that mean ...

        • 1. Questions about messages
          Tom Fennelly Master

          Ohhhh.... I'm afraid answering questions like this would just take too long.  TBH... these points just refer to general good software design patterns that apply in any domain, not just JBossESB.  Best things is to buy yourself some books on good software design, SOA etc.