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    Getting inside the "container"

    Dave Rathnow Novice

      My application has a web interface that takes advantage of all the features offered by the JBoss container but it's main function is to act as a "concentrator" for remote field devices that send data into our system.  This data arrives via TCP/UDP and is handled by my own code: I have a thread listening on a TCP port that accepts a connection and processes the socket and another that accepts UDP packets and dispatches them for processing.  The data is not HTTP requests.


      Since this code excutes outside the normal HTTP request handling, I can't take advantage of the same features available to my web requests.  I can do JNDI lookups for object but I also would like to add in some AOP in to this same execution path.


      Is there an easy way to do this?  Is there some way to get from a socket (UDP or TCP) into the "container" so DI and AOP will work as it normally does with other JBoss components?