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    a4j:commandButton is not working on dataTable

    Vishwanath Bannur Newbie



      I havecreated the dynamic columns in datatable as I have attached the whole code here.I have added edit button on each row. The edit button is working only one timeclick. The second click on other row is not firing by a4j:commandButton. Ireplaced the a4j to h:commandButton and its working fine. However theh:commandButton is refreshing whole page.

      I amlooking for only particular component to reRender for using a4j:commandButton.


      Note: I amusing facelets and the configuration is done in web.xml as attached here. I gota warning message


      Waring message: com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentHandlerisRecreateValueExpressionsOnBuildBeforeRestore

      WARNING:facelets.RECREATE_VALUE_EXPRESSION_ON_BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE is set to 'true' butfacelets.BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE is set to 'false' or unset. To usefacelets.RECREATE_VALUE_EXPRESSION_ON_BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE you must also setfacelets.BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE to 'true'!


      Is thiswarning message is preventing to fire the a4j:commandButton?