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    Components sometimes don´t appear

    Christian Medina Newbie

      Hello, i´m new in the comunity, and i think that may be you can help me with a strange behavior, i´m working with rich-faces 3.3.2 SR1 and sometimes in my pages the components are not rendered, let me show you an example, i have the next component:


      <a4j:commandButton id="commandButtonAddClient"






          rendered="#{sessionScope.userVO.mapMenuItemPermiso['MENU_CLIENTS'] ge 2}"/>      


      the expression in the rendered attribute is the level defined when a user is create, the level 3 have the permissions for delete, update and view, the level 2 update and view and the level 1 only view.


      Do you have any idea about why sometimes the button appears correctly and other times doesn´t?


      The same behavior is present in Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 3.


      Thanks a lot and excuse me for my english i know that is not good =S.