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    Usage of resteasy.servlet.mapping.prefix




      If you want the REST interface is handling only requests on a special URL, you have to specify a the resteasy.servlet.mapping.prefix in your web.xml, for example:














          <display-name>ModeShape REST</display-name>







      The result is that a GET on http://localhost:8080/ModeShapeRest/rest/ is handled by Resteasy, while http://localhost:8080/ModeShapeRest/myOwnServlet/ is not. If I GET now the URL http://localhost:8080/ModeShapeRest/rest/my-repository I get the following response:




      Is this response correct? - I expected that the query and items properties can be reused to build the path to items within the repository, so I'm missing the "rest"-segment in the items and query properties. Or is this the wrong way to limit all Resteasy processing to the /rest segment?


      Any ideas?