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    autocomplete: ajaxlistener for selectitem does not work

    Tommy Bø Newbie

      I've upgraded from RF4-M5 to RF4-Final and have encountered an issue with events tied to selectitem on en autocomplete.

      I have an autocomplete and a tag for f:ajax with a listener in it. The autocomplete is straightforeward with ajaxmode and strings as values. I have also set a valueChangeListener in the autocomplete-tag. When i select an item in the list the coresponding value in my backingbean is not set and none of the listeners is called. If i use a4j:ajax the value is set and the valueChangeListener is invoked, but still nothing in the selecitem ajaxListener. The ajaxlistener didn't work in earlier versions either, but the valueChangeEvent did work in M5 (with f:ajax).