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    Question: Running JBPM on JBOSS AS 6

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      I want to run an JEE(6) application on my JBOSS AS 6 server using JBPM 3 (incl. persistence to MySQL DB). I want this app to be scalable, support clustering, workflow resume after restart etc. From what I read on various JBOSS documents and other sites, the best way to do so is use the jbpm-enterprise.ear. So I tried getting that to work, but have several issues. So I hope some experts on this formum could provide answers to the questions below:


      1/ Is there a (newbie) tutorial on how to get the ear deployed on JBOSS AS 6 and use I. The ear as-is can't be deployed on AS6 due to a syntax error in a TLD file or so (JBOSS AS log).

      2/ Is using the command bean in the ear the right way to do this?

      3/ Is there a tutorial available on ear file usage and Hibernate persistence, CMP, transactions etc ?

      4/ Are there any design patterns for development of a JEE(6) app using JBPM 3 in eclipse?

      5/ What about JBPM5 and eclipse. Would JBPM5 be the better choice to start with? I read that the tools for eclipse still don't support version 5 and that the version hasn't reached the maturity of version 3 yet.


      All help is really appreciated.