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    Application is slow in IE 8 after using allowflash=true in fileupload

    Fabian Riako Newbie

      Hi All


      Almost all the modules in our application using file upload functionality. Onemonth back we had a request from our user to allow them to select multiple filewhen they upload files. So we added allowflash=true to all our file uploadcontrol. Initially we were using Richfaces 3.3.2 and we had some issues withIE8 so we upgraded it to 3.3.3. Then it was working fine so we moved it toproduction. But now users started complaining that the application is veryslow. We have been using this application for more than two years and have notget any complaints about the performance. So I think the last release causedthe issue(major thing was fileupload and Richfaces version).


      Anybody faced any kind of issue similar to this.


      Please advice.