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    EJB Transactions across two Jboss AS

    Eric Choi Newbie

      I have two Jboss Servers running on 5.1 and I am trying to get transaction rollback to happen.


      JBoss A is running a web app which makes an EJB call to JBoss B.  The EJB code on JBoss B writes to an Oracle db.  This EJB has transaction attribute set to Required.

      When I issue a rollback from JBoss A, the transaction becomes INACTIVE (status 6), but the db insert is not rolled back.


      When I deploy both the web app and EJB on a single JBoss, it works fine.


      Has anyone had success with this?


      I searched extensively for this but only found articles on distributed database and jms writes.  There was little to nothing on distributed EJB calls.


      Thanks in advance!