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    Problem while upgrading from richfaces 3.1.6.SR1 to 3.3.3.Final

    Megha Goyal Newbie

      We  are migrating applications from weblogic 8.1 to Weblogic 10.3

      We have also upgraded JSF from 1 to 1.2 and richfaces from 3.1.6.SR1 to 3.3.3.Final and facing following issue:


      When we are using new version of richfaces that is 3.3.3.Final we are unable to compile the code using ant compilation.
      It is throwing following error in many jsp files at compile time :
      team-edit-dialog.jspx:25:20: Static attribute must be a String literal, its illegal to specify an expression.
                      <a4j:outputPanel id="#{panelGpId}">
      It is not accepting expression for id attribute in many richfaces and a4j tags such as a4j:outputPanel ,a4j:commandLink and rich:modalPanel etc.


      The same code gets compiled when we are using richfaces 3.1.6.SR1 but our requirements are such that we have to use new version ie 3.3.3.Final.


      Please help.