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    Jboss6 deploying war-file twice?

    rop Newbie

      I have a simple webapp, and every time I deploy it on Jboss-6, the deployment seems to go well (no errors in the log).


      But at the end of the deployment, after a few seconds, it automatically does

        ... undeploy, ctxPath=/myWebapp


      then deploys the whole thing again, and after that the application runs fine.


      I. e. from the server-log it seems like it does the whole deployment-cycle twice, which I dont understand.


      Anyone else seen this behaviour?

      Why does it happen?


      It only happens on war- and ear-deployment, not ejb-jars...

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          Ales Justin Master

          I remember seeing this issue on this forum already, but afair I couldn't reproduce it.

          While Jaikiran and me are guessing something strange is going on with (your) system clock.

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            rop Newbie

            hmm.... I strongly doubt though the problem is my system-clock.

            It is my development work-station (WinXP), I use it everyday since 2 years and never noticed anything like that.


            But I will also try to deploy it on a different Win-box and also a Linux-box here, to see if the behaviour is the same.

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              rop Newbie

              Under Win-XP, I found out this:


              When you have a new war-file, and hot-deploy it the first time, it seems I always get the double-deploy behaviour.


              If I then hot-undeploy, and hot-deploy it again (with same timestamp on the war-file), it does not double-deploy, but only normal single-deploy.


              If I then hot-undeploy again, and update the war-file-timestamp + hot-deploy again, it will again double-deploy.


              So it seems the double-deploy occurs when it is hot-deployed with a new timestamp not seen before,

              but on hot-undeploy + hot-deploy still somehow remembers the last timestamp, which determines if the double-deploy occurs or not.


              Hope this can provide you some clue for you?


              On Linux, I do not get the double-deploy behaviour.

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                rop Newbie

                Hmm.... looking at the log again, it actually looks like it might be a Struts/xwork-issue again...


                The last two lines in the server-log, before the automatic second deploy, is:


                2011-04-08   INFO  [com.opensymphony.xwork2.config.impl.DefaultConfiguration] Overriding property struts.i18n.reload - old value: false new value: true

                15:41:36,603 INFO  [com.opensymphony.xwork2.config.impl.DefaultConfiguration] Overriding property struts.configuration.xml.reload - old value: false new value: true


                Since it says "...reload..." in there.......  hmmm.......