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    Cache notifications and server failure

    senthil1 Newbie

      I'm new to infinispan and I'm trying to understand if my problem space matches well with what it has to offer.


      I plan to use it in a distributed manner and an important criteria is that I can't miss any cache notifications. Essentially, I have clients that want to be notified when items that they are interested in are updated or created. It looks like the cache notification methods fit the bill, but I'd like to understand the failure cases a little better. Could there be situations with infinispan where items were inserted into the cache and then the server dies, and the notifications are then lost?


      The data is always backed up in the store, so I could always go back there to get the appropriate version, but I need to know when that is neccessary. At worse, when I notice a server is down, I can flush the complete cache as I may have lost the notifications and then re-get from the db - but I'd like to avoid all that.