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    Problem with colspan/breakbefore for columns in extendedData

    Emil Newbie


      Is there a new way of working with columns when using the extendedDataTable?

      We have 8 columns, 7 of them are plain <rich:Column> without any special attributes and the 8th one has breakBefore="true" and colspan="7" and is used for extended information. See below:
      |Col 1|Col 2|Col 3|Col 4|Col 5|Col 6|Col 7|
      | Column 8 |

      When we used the DataTable, everything worked just fine then I tried to use the extended one, and I cant get it to work the way I want to. It seems like the breakBefore nor the colspan work since column 8 always end up to the right of column 7. I have removed all logic used for the rendered="true/false" and uses hardcoded values to simplify the tests.

      Hence my question is: Is it supposed to work just like before with the DataTable or have I missed something?