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    EJB3 and Struts2 with CDI ?

    rop Newbie



      I asked a question in the EJB3 forum some days ago, but got 0 answers.

      So I try to ask here, too --- still need help, please:





      ... or just read this:



      rop wrote:


      Still didnt get EJB3 dependency-injection to work with Struts2 action-classes.


      The main difference to a plain servlet, is that the action-classes in Struts2

      are created on-the-fly (... new myActionclass() ...) everytime a request comes in,

      and @EJB doesnt work for such classes.


      Currently, as a work-around, I just do jndi context-lookup to get the EJB3 instead.


      But I read somewhere that CDI should be able to handle Dependency-Injection in POJOs created on-the-fly....

      Is that correct?


      Any input still appreciated!