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    Noob: RichFaces & Servlet

    Jan Vesely Newbie


      I am new to RichFaces (and JSF as well) and I am facing the following "integration task":

      1) use RichFaces for front end
      2) There is a servlet producing HTML fragments
      3) on the front end, keep polling the servlet for updates of data (the produced HTML fragments) and show these without reloading the whole page, reload just the relevant part.

      I got as far as calling the servlet once, using "plain" JSF (where my managed bean retrieves the external context and calls dispatch on it). But this off course causes the page to redirect & reload completely (plus it does not happen automatically, I need to click a commandButton).

      So, is there a way to automatically call a servlet using rich faces, keep on polling the servlet (I assume a4j:poll should be used here somehow?) and use the response from the servlet to update just a part of the page without redirecting & reloading it completely?

      Thanks a lot ...