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    Deletion of cue data

    misima kengo Newbie

      USING:RHEL5.5 32bit



      To delete the cue data, it connects it with Jconsole.

      "RemoveMessages" button is emptily pressed.

      In "0" when "MessageCount" is confirmed.

      Having been repaired by "hornet-2.2.2-Final"


        • 1. Deletion of cue data
          Clebert Suconic Master

          I'm sorry, I have no clue what you're talking about.


          There's a Chinese version of the manual. Maybe you want to read that.



          If you come online on #hornetQ / IRC.. maybe you can talk to Howard...




          or, you should probably ask some help (besides google translator).. because I have no clue what you want to know. I just understand you're having issues with removeMessages. but what is the issue?