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    ANN: JBoss AS / HornetQ integration with Delphi and Free Pascal

    Michael Justin Novice

      April 2011 - Habarisoft is pleased to announce release 1.2 of Habari

      HornetQ Client, introducing a new failover transport for load balancing

      between different servers, tested with versions 2.1.2.Final and 2.2.2.Final

      of JBoss HornetQ.


      Habari HornetQ Client is a library which provides easy access to the

      JBoss HornetQ open source Message Broker. It uses a plug-in style

      architecture for communication libraries and message transformers for

      XML and JSON based object serialization.


      Home page:



      Getting Started Guide (PDF):



      The API documentation can be browsed online at



      About JBoss HornetQ: HornetQ is the default JMS broker in the JBoss

      6 Application Server and can be easily integrated in JBoss Application

      Server 5. It can also be run as a fully functional completely independent

      standalone messaging server outside of JBoss Application Server.


      Tutorials for the integration of applications with JBoss Application Server 5

      and 6 are available on the product home page.


      Thank you for your interest in Habari Client libraries!




      Michael Justin

      habarisoft - Enterprise Messaging Software for Delphi®