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    BuddyReplication and fail-safety

    Torsten T Newbie

      We restart all our cluster nodes one by one for maintenance reasons once a week.
      This is no problem with standard session replication but we plan to move to BuddyReplication and it seems like sessions are lost during that scenario.

      This is how to reproduce it (jboss-5.1.0.GA, jdk6, CentOS release 5.5):

      Step 1: Create a Session at Node A

      Node A lists the session under
       /  {}  /JSESSION  {}    /ROOT_localhost  {}

      Node B (Buddy) lists the session under 
      /  {}  /_BUDDY_BACKUP_  {}      /  {}      /JSESSION  {}        /ROOT_localhost  {}

      Step 2: Node A restart
      Session is not listed at Node anymore but at node B (backup)

      Step 3: Node B restart
      Session is lost.

      It is no problem if the session is requested between step 2 and step 3 because it will be gravitated then.
      But if the session is not requested during the node restarts it is lost.
      Is there a way to avoid this? I tried session passivation but without success. The cache gets cleared during node restart.

      Best regards