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    Version rollforward

    Andrew Wheeler Newbie

      I was thinking about how versioning would be applied to heterogenous systems where there are multiple access points to data in a database. Manual updates, stored procedures, triggers, portals etc. In this sense the domain objects are not controlled by Hibernate (or any other persistence engine). It could be handy in this situation to rollforward the current version in the source table to create a version where the latest versioned data is not the sames as that in the source table. In this manner a batch process could keep the versioning in sync after some known process has updated the system.

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          Adam Warski Master


          yes, that's certainly something worth adding :). Here, the fact that the "latest" data is duplicated in the versions and "current" tables would help a lot... Though checking all data in a database could take a long time. But providing an interface for this should be doable. One problem is how not to miss a revision (if there are two or more changes before the batch process fires).

          Additionally, the interface could support receiving notifications from other services, which could contain information which rows changed (for example the IDs of that rows, or even the whole row data).

          If you'd like, create a JIRA for that :)