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    Last plea for help, I have till Friday

    Matt Kohanek Novice

      Apparently my tree that uses a List of Objects bound to it will not work, because there is no way to get this Object to compile as needed. Hooray.
      3-4 more weeks of work down the damn drain, and now I have till Friday to fix this, even though I am dealing with incompetent team members who couldnt even do a System.out.println() method.

      This sucks.

      I have xml stored on a web service. I can parse the xml just fine, and use it to populate classes and everything else I need from it.

      But the class I have been trying to make has a projectName, and a list of devices which is fine and easy. But each device has a List of channels so I cant just make a channelsList because the channels under each device will all be the same!

      I have been told this by my contact at the company:

      research how tree node works
      then figure out how htmlrecursivetreenode works

      I have been looking into this of course but Im too damn tired and frustrated to make progress right now.

      So will someone PLEASE help me and give me some guidance Im about to lose 3-4 months of work if I cant finish this by Friday. I have had to deal with use less team members and a delay of one month or else I would be friggin done by now.

      But I am where I am and I really need some help here or all my work is for nothing and Im gonna murder my useless team mates if that happens and I dont want to go to jail