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    Important question about JBPM. help!!!!!!

    stellina_rosa Newbie


      I'm following the community and I'm trying the examples on the blog. I'm learning a lot of new things (like create a process, use a file drools in my process, create a simple user form) but at the same time I fell very confused:


      1) If I want a user form for my Human Task, I must use a .ftl, with simple html code; is this the only way? Is there another editor for web pages what could I use? I have read the old post but I don't understand the solution..!


      2)In the drools file, I can explain different rules; for example, suppose that I create an object Person, in my drools file I can describe a rule for the age (if age<18 then Person.type = child, if age>75 the Person.type=senior)... the thing that I can't understand is: if I have 3 Person object... in what way drools understand what Person must analyze? the .drl file is executed for any Person that is in my HashMap(that I create in my Test.java class) ?


      3) Suppose I need external information ... in what way could I recover it?

      for example, suppose that I create a process where I need password and username of an user and, depending on whether the administrator or a simple user, I will work with different user form. Are these steps correct?...:


      ----- 1) I must have a .ftl file where I write the code for the user form where the user must insert username and password;

      ----- 2) I must have a drools file where I have a rule who say me: if the username is "xxx" then user.type= administrator;

      ----- 3) I must have a test.java class where I create the knowledgebase, the session and start the process;

      ----- 4) I must have a class Person...


      1) I need of 2 other .ftl file for the administrator form and the user form?

      2) the only way to run this example is to use Guvnor?

      3) In what way could I see the user form?

      4)in what way I recover the information insert by the user?


      Probabily you are smiling about this post but I am very confuse.. and there is not enough documentation about jbpm5.. If I understood how it works, I will create a useful post to explain , step by step, a simple example that use drools file, bpmn files, ftl files...

      The examples on the community are useful but I think that it would need a COMPLETE example....