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    DataScroller and managed-bean-scope request problem

    Carlos Marcos Newbie


      i've a page with a search action (with a form), that it return a list of object that is used in a datatable with datascroller.

      My problem is, i do the search action and datatable and datascroller is shown correctly (first page elements with correct number of pages and other pagination elements).

      Then, if i click to some other pages, the datatable 'desapeears' (it change to page but it is empty).

      If i change the managed-bean-scope to "session" it works correctly, but it is not a solution for me.

      Also, if i load the list in for default in the backing bean (i complet the list before do the search-submit action), it woks also correctly (in session and request scope).

      I am completly lost, specially with the last scenario...

      Thanks in advance!