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    Need Help on autocomplete component

    Sharath 4 Newbie

      hI, am using rich:autocomplete component,and am trying to add the ajax support(richfaces 3.3) functionality to it. but its not calling the backing bean when the evnt happens,


      below is my code snippet, plz help me out to come over this..


      <rich:autocomplete  mode="cachedAjax"  autocompleteList="#{TestClass.autocompleteList}"   var="propName" minChars="0" autoFill="false"                     selectFirst="false"  value="#{TestClass.strValue}" valueChangeListener="#{TestClass.vcl}">                                                        

            <a4j:ajax  listener="#{TestClass.testMethod}"  event="change"/>



      Bean :


      public void vcl(ValueChangeEvent event){

              System.out.println("New Value ::"+event.getNewValue()); 



      public void testMethod(){

              System.out.println("Value is ::"+strValue);