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    RichFaces4 rich:tabPanel how to maintain same rich:tab

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I have a page where I use a rich:tabPanel to separate master from details. First rich:tab is master, others are details.

      I use switchMode=client because I would like one h:form for each rich:tab, and when using switchMode=server/ajax, RichFaces4 forces to create a h:form before rich:tabPanel. Each h:form from a rich:tab is used to manage the data from its master or detail database table. The only problem with this approach is that when the user clicks some button in detail tab (insert, delete, save, etc), all the page (master and details) is reprocessed, and the first rich:tab is selected again, and the user becomes confused.


      Below is the page stopped in the first detail:


      If the user types the fields from second tab "2.Contatos", then clicks green button to save, the record is saved in the database but the first tab "1.Dados Gerais" is showed automatically. This is wrong, the second tab must be maintained the actual tab.