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    richfaces:pickList 3.3.1: how to get targetValue

    Srinivasan Thoyyeti Newbie

      I have started working with richfaces:pickList and really struggling how to use it.

      how to get pickList.getValue(); this is of type java.util.Arrays$ArrayList. Kindly help.

      You can ask me why are you trying to access through listener its already available by model update. The case is I want to sort the target values as they are added.




      <rich:pickList id="brandPickList" 
            <f:selectItems value="#{advDocFilterMgr.brandSrcSet}"/>
            <a4j:support event="onlistchanged" actioneventsQueue="mainQueue"  reRender="brandPickList"/>


          public void handlePickListChange(ValueChangeEvent changeEvent){
                 HtmlPickList pickList = (HtmlPickList)changeEvent.getSource();
                 String pickListId = pickList.getId();
                 if ("brandPickList".equals(pickListId))
                     System.out.println(pickList.getValue() instanceof ArrayList);
                     System.out.println(pickList.getValue() instanceof Array);
                          how to get pickList.getValue(); this is of type java.util.Arrays$ArrayList


      I had a work around for this. I gave up using valueChangeListener.


      inteadI introduced <a4j:support action=".." />  through which I couldaccess updated taget list and sort it. reRender does the refresh part.


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